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Ready to create more time for Just YOU?

This life changing

Learn in one course what it took me 14+ years, plus tons of advanced psychology courses, and a whole lot of painful lessons from doing my relationships wrong - to finally get right!

By the end of this course you will be able to...

Who this course is for:

This course is for women ministry leaders who are working full time and are caregivers for either a parent, spouse, child or other family member. They could also work in the industry where they are full time caregivers.

This course is for you if you're ready to once and for all put you first so you can more effectively serve those you are caring for and not feel guilty.

Here's what you get:


Hours of engaging video lessons and demonstrations of how to be good to yourself.


Strategies and tools on how to create more time for you in your day.


Learn how to put yourself on the "TO DONE" list without feeling guilty.


Worksheets and the Refresh, Refill, Renew journal and your N.A.P. Kit
($57 value)

Plus Bonuses

Two 20-minute one on one coaching sessions to answer any questions and assist on the journey to thriving as a caregiver



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Meet Your Coach

Darlene - Thorne

Wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Darlene Thorne, MDiv has devoted her life to influence change to women ministry leaders and teach them how to practice positive personal self care body, soul and spirit. She also teaches caregivers how to create a life where they are on the To-Done list! As a Certified Vision Building Life Coach, Darlene also has years of training in communication and ministry counseling.

As CEO of A Heart After the Father, LLC, Darlene serves as your Caregiver’s Coach/Mentor. This company is designed to reach those who struggle with self esteem and identity issues, helping them to uncover their hidden treasures to use their gifts to impact those to which they have been called.

Darlene has traveled extensively as an international speaker delivering motivational and life-impacting messages at conferences and facilitating workshops and symposiums. Featured on television, radio and live sessions, with a focus on total self care and walking in total freedom and authenticity she delivers a message of change from the inside out! These messages are clear, focusing on mindset change messages that moves one into action.

As a published author, Darlene has written three books, A Heart After the Father, a daily devotional, The Goliath Within, Refresh, Refill, Renew (a 30 day devotional) and has co-authored a book, When Dark Chocolate is Bittersweet, Controversy within a Culture and has participated in two anthologies, Shine: Hidden No More and Crystal Clear: Sisters Walking in Purpose…With Clarity, Focus and Faith. Each of these books have been a part of Darlene’s journey in leading others to deepen their relationship with God.

Presently she is hosting a yearly conference called Refresh, Refill, Renew that encourages the attendee to spend uninterrupted time with the Lord and allowing Him to give fresh revelation for the next assignment. It has been life impacting and Darlene wants this to become a movement of intentional getting away in Abba’s presence.

She and her husband, Kevin Thorne, serve together as pastors at Renewal Community Church in Clayton, NC. They have two world changer young adults, Kevin, II and Kennedy Elayne.